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This is a restricted computer system, before you can progress into the system you must authenticate with the application before you can progress on to use the DIPS System. At this time you to provide your valid user name and password to enter into the DIPS Application, if you have lost your password please follow the "Forgotten Password" option show below.

If you have not been issued with a user name and password please contact your local county administrator of the DIPS system.

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Duty and Information Planning System (DIPS) - is a restrict application. By continuing to logon to this web-site you have automatically agreed to abide by the regulations under the "Computer Misuse Act 1990". You will be held accountable for any activities not in compliance with those regulations. Misuse or unauthorised access may result in legal prosecution - penalties may include fines, imprisonment, and/or temporary or permanent loss of access for you and/or your entire county. Click Here if you do not agree to the conditions in this warning.